Welcome to Walloon Woodworks

Walloon Lake Woodworks

I never set out to sell furniture. I don’t know a miter saw from a jig saw from a band saw. But I found this wood and this opportunity, and there was no way I was going to let this incredible resource rot away.

My grandfather owned a scrap yard in Wayne, Michigan. My father owns an e-waste recycling firm. And now I have a wood recycling company. This vision would never have materialized without the tremendous talents of friends old and new. The chief artist, Steve Samuels, was my summer roommate on Walloon Lake in 1996. The builder, Amos Shirato, made me the first pieces of furniture that inspired me to start the company. Walloon Woodworks is the embodiment of their incredible talents and shared vision for creating.

This company aspires to be a celebration of the beauty and heritage of Northern Michigan. Please check back often as we continue to bring this wood – and this company – to life.